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About Us

In October 2002, after purchasing equipment from Atlas Candies, M.Mastix became one of the major players in Israel’s sugar based chewing-gum market. M. Mustix is a large manufacture, with the most advanced technologies and best known in its market. Since the acquisition, M. Mustix has invested large amounts of money in equipment and production technologies.

Nowadays, almost everyone in Israel is aware of the company’s products. M. Mustix is focusing on owning a share in the sugarless chewing gum market within the next few years by using its strong position in the sugar based chewing-gum market. M. Mustix manufactures Kosher chewing-gum with the highest available standards - BADATZ of Egud Harabanim and BADATZ Bet Yosef. 

M. Mustix gives the highest priority for health issues, and also manufactures sugarless chewing gum with natural ingredients, using Aspartame in only few of the products (that includes Phenylalanine which is harmful).

M. Mustix will launch a unique line of products in Israel for manufacturing sugar based chewing gum with natural ingredients, as part of the company’s strategy and commitment to producing a tasteful, healthy and artificial food coloring free chewing-gums.

Mustix is planning on expanding its international activity within the Kosher and Non Kosher markets in Europe and North America.

Menashe Shraga


The factory director, from Jerusalem. Mr. Sheraga has extensive experience in candy and gum production.

Shmulik Eliyasian 


Production manager.

Eliyah Feldman


Graphic Designer.  Responsible for packaging and marketing design, web building and managing.

David Coifman


Vice presidend and business development manager. Responsible for business development and customer relations of the foreign enterprise. 

Amiran Tamir


Director of Operations and Technology. Has experiance of 8 years.

Eliyah Feldman


Logistic manager.

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